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Energy Craft Ltd., a Renewable Energy Specialist, has been established in Ireland for over 10 years, and during this time has helped many Irish families reduce their dependency on fossil fuels by providing custom designed heating solutions with best solar panels Ireland, to meet their specific requirements and thereby ultimately reducing their energy costs.

Energy Craft is therefore a “one stop” heating and energy saving solution provider. Energy Craft mainly knows for best thermodynamic solar panels Ireland, affordable solar panels Ireland costing, Best solar panel installation Ireland provider for solar panels Dublin. If you are looking for solar panels for sale Ireland or solar panels Ireland you will will find Energy Craft as your domestic solar panels Dublin experts near you.
Utilising the expertise contained within a team of technically trained professional Heating Engineers across two sister organisations namely – Solar Craft and Suntask Solar Ireland, enables Energy Craft to provide the most up to date Heating solutions to the Irish Market.

Specialising in technologies and services like: -
  • Solar Panel Thermal Heating Systems
  • Home kingspan insulation ireland
  • Heat Recovery
  • Oil and Gas Heating Systems
  • Heating Systems for New Builds and Retrofits into existing homes and commercial properties
  • Sophisticated Heating Control Systems
  • Claiming Grants on behalf of Customers through the “Residential Scheme” run by companies like Enprova(www.enprova.ie)

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