Suntask (formerly known as Shentai) is one of the largest manufacturers in the world of solar thermal evacuated tube collectors and ancillary solar components.

Suntask is a respected leader in the field of solar energy and is totally committed to the pursuit of developing better and more efficient solutions to harness the Sun’s energy. Under the supervision and passion of Mr. Yu Hai Qiang, Director and Founder of the company, Suntask is constantly conducting research and developing more effective ways to convert solar energy for home heating.

Irish home owners are becoming increasingly aware of the green fuel alternatives available to them and by entering the Irish market, Suntask want to introduce Irish home owners to the benefits, peace-of-mind and incredible value that a quality Suntask Solar Hot Water system can offer to homes and businesses alike.

Choosing the same path as Suntask, the parent company, Solar Craft Ireland will strive to make Ireland a greener country through solar power. This core mission shall be supported by Suntask’s values - a commitment to quality products, a friendly one-to-one customer relationship and a dream of a sustainable world for future generations.

Solar Craft’s professional team already has more than 10 years experience in designing solar thermal heating systems for the Irish climate. Solar tube panels and other solar system components from Solar Craft are among the best solar products available on a nationwide & worldwide scale. We are an authorised installer.

Our mission in Ireland is to supply Irish households with a free solar hot water to help them reduce their water and energy bills throughout a year.